Trading with MT4 on macOS

Forex traders around the globe are a diverse set of people and naturally have differing preferences over the computer operating systems they would like to trade with. In the Forex market a trading platform that is Mac friendly is still not commonplace and options are limited.

Apple users often spend time setting up complex emulation software to get a Windows trading platform to work on their Mac or trying to find a good web-based alternative. In some cases Mac users simply cannot get their favourite trader to work, or if they can they discover their broker will not provide them support should something go wrong.

The XGLOBAL MT4 for Mac software is however the perfect solution for Apple users with the desire to trade FX with their Mac. Traders simply run our MT4 for Mac installation package that installs MetaTrader 4 on any modern Mac with the full support of XGLOBAL Markets. The platform provides the full range of features you will receive when trading with Windows desktop and at the same time you will receive all the benefits of trading with XGLOBAL Markets.

Reasons To Use Our Mac Trader

Installation Procedure

  1. Click on this link to download the application (.dmg image)
  2. Open the dmg image file you downloaded then drag and drop the XGLOBAL MT4 icon to your Applications folder
  3. Right-click the XGLOBAL MT4 icon from the Applications folder then select “Open” (double-clicking the icon will not work)
  4. A dialog box will appear as the application is not signed with Apple. Click the “Open” button and the application will launch (this warning will never be shown again)
  5. Installation is now complete. We recommend you select to keep the application icon in the dock so it can easily be launched in the future.
  6. Enter your account credentials (if you dont have an account sign-up for a real or demo account and we will email you credentials)
  7. Start trading with your Mac

Contact our support team if you have any problems downloading or installing MT4 terminal on Mac by email at [email protected]

High Sierra known issue and solution
We are aware of an issue some that is preventing some Mac users from running our MT4 for Mac in High Sierra. The application was created in a wrapper using Wineskin and there is a simple fix for this that will allow the application to run normally. Users should right click “XGLOBAL MT4” in their Applications folder and select “Show Package Contents”, then launch Wineskin and click “Set Screen Options” and uncheck the “Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct 3D” option. If you need any assistance with this process please contact support who will happily guide you through the process or do it for you.

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