Cryptocurrency Trading

Exposure to cryptocurrencies in the MT4 platform with peace of mind. ICF protected funds with no complex wallets or private keys to worry about.

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CFD Trading is high risk. You may lose more than you invest.

Cryptocurrency trading has taken off fiercely in 2017 moving from a highly speculative asset used primarily by programmers to the preferred choice of trading for many newcomers to the markets. The severe level of volatility seen in the cryptocurrency space is generally unmatched by traditional markets and that means the potential for profits and losses is magnified while the need for leverage is reduced. In addition, the cryptocurrency movement is primarly driven by retail speculators rather than banks, hedge funds and institutional investors. That results in a market that has traits unseen in regulated markets such as the free availability of market sentiment data, no scheduled or predictable new events and asset demand that has soared in recent times.

Key features of trading cryptocurrencies with XGLOBAL Markets

Trade Cryptocurrencies without “on-chain” risks

We offer cryptocurrency CFDs so you don’t need to worry about using wallets, private keys or losing physical cryptocurrency. Benefit from the fluctuation in value of the cryptocurrency being traded without the risks associated with handling and storing the actual asset. *CFD trading is high risk and you may lose your entire investment.

Sell cryptocurrency when you don’t own any

Since we offer cryptocurrency trading in the form of CFDs we provide the ability to sell cryptocurrency when you do not already own it. This allows you to speculate on the fall as well as rise of cryptocurrency values as long as you have a fiat currency balance in your trading account.

Trade Cryptocurrencies with Investor Compensation Fund protection

XGLOBAL Markets is regulated by CySEC and registered with the FCA, offering each client protection of up to 20,000.00 Euro equivalent in the unlikely event the brokerage is unable to fulfil its financial obligations. Full details can be found in our Investor Compensation Fund statement.

Margin trading as standard

Take a larger cryptocurrency position than you have the funds for. We offer leverage that allows you to buy or sell more cryptocurrency than you would be able to on an exchange (50% stop out level applies). We support long term buy and hold strategies as well as short term trading.

Supporting consistently profitable traders

By using an agency model our operating cost comes from the per side commissions we charge to pass your cryptocurrency trades to our liquidity providers. That means our ideal clients are those that consistently profit and continue to trade with us long-term. *CFD trading is high risk and you may lose your entire investment.

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