A big jump in the value of Jordan’s imports of oil derivatives It increased by 16% through the end of August

  • 25 October, 2021
  • 3:03 pm EEST

Jordan depends on importing oil to cover its domestic needs, amid demands to pump more investments into the sector in order to meet the increasing demand for oil derivatives, which costs the country’s budget huge sums.

In this context, an official report revealed, today, Monday, that Jordan’s oil bill has increased from the beginning of this year until the end of last August, by 16%, compared to the same period last year.


Oil Bill

Foreign trade data, issued by the Department of Statistics, indicated that the total value of the oil bill amounted to about 1.065 billion dinars ($1.50 billion) until the end of August 2021, compared to the same period last year, which amounted to about 918 million dinars ($1.29 billion). ).

Crude oil topped Jordan’s import list of oil derivatives, reaching about 468 million dinars ($660 million), diesel 223 million dinars ($314.53 million), and lubricants 16 million dinars ($22.57 million).


Gas and Gasoline

While the value of Jordan’s imports of gas amounted to 106 million dinars (149.51 million dollars), gasoline about 247 million dinars (348.38 million dollars), and kerosene about two million dinars (2.82 million dollars).

It is noteworthy that Jordan’s total imports rose until the end of August of this year, by 21.3%, to reach a value of about 9.497 billion dinars (13.40 billion dollars), compared to the same period last year.

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