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The Privacy Policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”) applies to former clients, current clients and prospective clients (collectively called, the “Covered Persons”). At X GLOBAL Markets (hereinafter, the “Company”) we are committed to securing the privacy of any user that accesses the Company’s site(s). The Policy needs to be read carefully in order to understand how we use and protect the information provided to us. In addition to the information included herein, Covered Persons must also refer to section 17 of the Client Agreement, the provisions of which fully apply. The Client Agreement is the agreement that constitutes the basis on which the Company provides investment services and activities and ancillary services to the Client.

Personal Information

We collect specific information when someone applies for the opening of a trading account with the Company. Most of the information is obtained directly from clients through application forms and/or other types of forms. Such information may include, but it’s not limited to:

Further to the above, we may collect additional information related to your use of the website such as pages visited, frequency of visits, duration of your visits and trading activities.

Use of Personal Information

The Company uses your personal information in order to:


The information provided shall not be disclosed to any third parties unless such disclosure is required by a regulatory authority of a competent jurisdiction.

For the sole purpose of improving its client service, the Company reserves the right to enter into cooperation agreements with third parties (such as professional advisors, consultants etc.), under which the exchange of personal information shall be strictly bounded in accordance with the provisions of relevant confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements.

Information Updates

The Company requires to be informed in the event that your personal details have changed. At such time, all relevant amendments/changes shall be made in accordance with your instructions. Such changes in personal details may need to be verified by supporting documentation.

Use of Cookies

The use of cookies is to gather information about your access to the Company’s website and other services provided by the Company to you. Cookies are small text files that are transferred from a web server and stored on the hard drive of your personal computer. The Company uses cookies to secure your trading activities and to enhance the quality of performance of its website ( The most commonly used browsers are designed to accept cookies. In case you do not wish to receive cookies you are welcome to change the settings of your browser in order to refuse them.

Security and Protection of Your Information

All personal information provided to the Company shall be treated as confidential and sensitive. The Company has taken strong measures to protect and secure such sensitive information.

To access your personal information you need to use a password which is selected by you. Such password is encrypted and should not be shared with third parties.


When submitting personal information, the Company considers that you have given your express consent for the use of such information as described in the Policy.

Amendments/Changes in the Privacy Policy

In the event that the Company amends/changes the Policy, an updated version of it will be made available on the Company’s website. The notice given as a result of any such amendment/change can be in written form and/or given through the Company’s website (

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