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Each FX symbol is made up of two currency pairs, which both have underlying interest rates. Since these interest rates usually differ this results in a daily cost to roll-over open positions from one day to the next. As Sharia law forbids lending out money with interest, FX trading with roll-over or swap fees goes against this law. For this reason XGLOBAL offers roll-over and swap free trading, which is in alignment with Islamic beliefs.

Swap free account benefits

  • Nightly storage fee after 5 calendar days

  • FX, precious metals, indices, energies and commodities available

  • Arabic speaking support available

  • No commissions and no swap charges

  • Account tailored for Islamic clients

  • Swap free conditions on our contract specifications page

How to open the XGLOBAL swap free account

To simplify the requirements for people who abide by the Sharia law, you can follow the procedure below to set up an account.

Step 1

Click here to register by providing the information in the form fields

Step 2

Your login details will be sent to your email address

Step 3

Enter the username and password in the XGLOBAL Login

Step 4

Complete the real account form details

Step 5

Fund your account and start trading