MT5 for macOS

Get the market leading trading platform on your Mac in no time with XGLOBAL's macOS version of MetaTrader 5. Download and install MT5 using our user friendly drag and drop installer.

XGLOBAL Markets is pleased to offer its clients’ a full macOS version of MetaTrader 5 Terminal for everyone to use, which is fully supported by us should you run into issues. No need for complex wine configurations or commercial emulation software; our MT5 for macOS comes in a standard DMG file that is installed using a familiar drag and drop procedure.

The platform provides the full range of features available with the Windows desktop application including the ability to run Expert Advisers, Indicators and Scripts. The installation of Expert Advisers, Indicators or chart Templates will need to be placed in the application package itself to work correctly. If you need assistance with this please contact our support department who will be delighted to assist.

Reasons To Use Our Mac Trader

Installation Procedure

  1. Click on this link to download the application (.dmg image)
  2. Open the dmg image file you downloaded then drag and drop the XGLOBAL MT5 icon to your Applications folder
  3. Right-click the XGLOBAL MT5 icon from the Applications folder then select “Open” (double-clicking the icon will not work)
  4. A dialog box will appear as the application is not signed with Apple. Click the “Open” button and the application will launch (this warning will never be shown again)
  5. Installation is now complete. We recommend you select to keep the application icon in the dock so it can easily be launched in the future.
  6. Enter your account credentials (if you dont have an account sign-up for a real or demo account and we will email you credentials)
  7. Start trading with your Mac

Contact our support team if you have any problems downloading or installing MT5 terminal on Mac by email at [email protected]

macOS Catalina known issue and our recommendations
Unfortunately, Apple dropped support for 32bit applications in macOS Catalina so our MT5 for Mac application doesn’t run in Catalina and to our knowledge neither does any other macOS port of MT5. Furthermore, Codeweavers Crossover and WINE is no longer capable of running MT5 or any 32bit applications after the update to Catalina. For now, our recommendation is to install a Windows virtual machine using VMWare Fusion or Parallels. Your Windows virtual machine will then be able to run the Windows version of MT5 natively without any issues. Alternatively, you could use Bootcamp to setup a Mac and Windows dual boot machine. Another option for users that recently upgraded to Catalina and have recent Time Machine backups would be to roll-back to Mojave. Please contact support if you need any assistance.

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