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Gold & Silver Trading

Precious metals liquidity is at an all time high and we are proud to be able to offer low cost derivative based trading for those wishing to speculate in the price of precious metals.

Highlights of trading gold & silver with XGLOBAL

Spot gold is a particularly attractive trading instrument given the popularity gold has as a component of a well balanced investment portfolio. Gold is also one of the most traded products on the platform. Its price is not directly driven by interest rates or economic news and quite often demand arises from market turmoil. This makes for a rather unique proposition for speculative traders or those wishing to hedge their portfolio.

  • Priced in troy ounces with cent based spreads

  • Available with raw and standard spread

  • Margin provides great purchasing power

  • Trades gold with up to 2,000 troy ounces per click

Symbols and spreads

XAUUSDSpot Gold vs USD Dollar0.110.202100
XAGUSDSpot Silver vs USD Dollar0.0110.02035000
* The advertised minimum spreads are indicative and the actual spreads received might differ. Spreads will be wider during choppy markets or at times of thin or abnormal liquidity such as holiday periods or close to major news events.

Characteristics of gold trading

The trading of precious metals is an ancient business practice that has been revolutionised by electronic trading and global futures exchanges. It is also a safe haven asset and its price can be dramatically affected by the performance of global stock markets and major world economies. For that reason trading in precious metals is here to stay and will always be used a financial hedging tool at least into the foreseeable future.

Get the trading tools you need

Trading precious metals is attractive to speculators due to the opportunity provided by large price fluctuations in short time frames. Traders need the right tools at their disposal to take advantage of this market as the action happens. The XGLOBAL Markets platform has the power to place market orders in milliseconds, online with ease. In addition live charting and analysis capabilities are provided as standard.