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The XGLOBAL MAM (Multi Account Manager) software provides money managers a solution to manage trades on a network of client accounts from a single MT5 master account. Money managers are provided a dashboard that allows them to select the methodology used to transmit their trades to client accounts. Fee collection is automated using a variety of management fee models that can be set directly from the dashboard.

Designed for Money Managers

  • ELS, BLS, ECS, percentage & fixed allocation models

  • Dashboard control for money managers

  • Unlimited slave (client) accounts

  • Automated performance fee collection

  • Exotic range of CFDs available on request

  • Dedicated relationship manager and support

How to open an XG MAM account

The XG MAM account is designed for money managers that wish to manage the trades of their client portfolio using an automated solution.

We understand the importance of working with the right partner when managing money and holding a portfolio with any broker. That’s why XGLOBAL only appoints the most experienced relationship managers to XG MAM account holders and money managers. Security is provided for both clients and managers by eliminating the need for clients to share platform credentials and automatically collecting performance fees agreed in advance.

If you are interested to work with us as a money manager please contact [email protected] and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements.