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Gold prices fall as US bond yields rise

  • 20 July, 2022
  • 3:41 pm EEST

Gold prices fell, on Wednesday, as pressure from strong monetary policy concerns and rising bond yields outweighed the relief from the dollar's decline. This comes with the anticipation of central banks' moves to counter inflation, which has hit record levels…

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Gold prices are falling and heading for weekly losses

  • 15 July, 2022
  • 4:21 pm EEST

Gold prices declined during trading today, Friday, July 15, 2022, to continue their path of the fifth consecutive weekly decline. The continued rise in the dollar and fears of higher US interest rates affected the demand for the yellow metal.…

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Gold prices rise marginally ahead of US inflation data

  • 13 July, 2022
  • 2:52 pm EEST

Gold prices rose marginally during trading today, Wednesday, July 13, 2022, and hovered near their lowest level in 9 months. This comes at a time when investors are awaiting the monthly US inflation data; Looking for clues on the way…

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Gold prices drop by $3 and remain near the lowest level in 7 months

  • 06 July, 2022
  • 3:39 pm EEST

Gold prices drop about $3, during trading today, Wednesday, July 6, 2022, but it remained near the lowest level in 7 months. This comes as the dollar rose to its highest level in two decades, as investors continued to neglect…

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Gold prices are marginally declining and heading to record monthly and quarterly losses

  • 30 June, 2022
  • 3:32 pm EEST

Gold prices marginally declined during trading today, Thursday, June 30, 2022, and are heading to record the worst quarterly performance since early 2021. The strong performance of the dollar has kept investors away from bullion, amid moves by major central…

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