Green hydrogen agreements support Indian-European cooperation ahead of COP27 and a new agreement with Canada

  • 07 June, 2022
  • 3:24 pm EEST

India is increasing cooperation in the fields of green hydrogen and clean energy with European Union and North American countries, in proactive steps for the United Nations Climate Change Summit COP27 to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, next November.

India’s ambitious plans for green hydrogen and the national strategy announced months ago are aligned with the European Union’s “RePower EU” plan, India Times reports from Energy World – The Economic Times

In addition to plans for cooperation in the field of green hydrogen between New Delhi and the countries of the European Union, India has focused on climate cooperation and clean energy with Canada in North America, according to what was monitored by the Specialized Energy Platform.


Green Hydrogen And Fossil Fuels

The Ambassador of the European Union to India, Ugo Stoto, indicated that green hydrogen is one of the tools to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, which is pushing to enhance its investments to protect the ecosystem.

Stoto added that there is a wide space for cooperation between the European Union and India to develop green hydrogen, as he stressed during his participation in a meeting on Indian cooperation with the Union in the field of hydrogen, titled “Towards a sustainable energy transition” organized by the Research and Information Network for Developing Countries “RIS”. last Thursday.

Last February, India announced its intention to become a global center for exporting green hydrogen, and announced its policy in this regard by raising production targets to 5 million tons by 2030.

Green hydrogen has attracted the attention of the European Union as part of its recently announced plan “RePower EU” to decarbonize, and the union aims to produce 10 million tons of hydrogen and import similar quantities by 2030.

On the other hand, European Commission Energy Adviser Teodor Constantinescu stressed that the invasion of Ukraine prompted the European Union to accelerate its efforts towards strengthening green hydrogen partnerships, including the partnership with India.


Climate Development

In parallel with India’s expansions to support its national green hydrogen strategy, the South Asian country continues to work on supporting climate plans six months ahead of the COP27 climate summit, according to India Times.

India and Canada signed a memorandum of understanding on climate and environmental cooperation between the two countries, opening new horizons for renewable energy, decarbonizing heavy industries and putting an end to plastic pollution.

Following the signing of the cooperation agreement and the memorandum of understanding on the sidelines of the celebration in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, of the 50th anniversary of the first United Nations environmental conference, the Canadian government confirmed that cooperation includes joint work to support environmental and climate goals.

The Canadian government explained that it has clean technologies that have attracted India’s interest, including clean hydrogen, energy storage, and water and waste management systems, according to what the government reported in a statement, which was seen by the Specialized Energy Platform.

And cooperation between Canada and India – the most recent step of which was the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Indian Minister of Environment in the Federal Government Bhubandar Yadav and Canadian Minister of Environment Stephen Gilbolt – has previous roots, as the two countries work on a common framework that ensures the preservation of 30% of the environmental areas (land and marine). in the world by the end of the decade.



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