London restricts movement of diesel and petrol vehicles as low-emissions zone expands They charge a fee of up to £100

  • 27 October, 2021
  • 3:37 pm EEST

The British capital, London, has begun implementing the “Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Zone” (OLV) rules, as it seeks to provide clean air for future generations.

From 25 October, drivers of petrol vehicles manufactured before 2005 or diesel cars manufactured before 2015 will only be allowed to enter the British capital after paying a fee of £12.50, while buses and trucks must pay £100.

Getting Rid Of Old Cars

According to The Guardian, the move has led to Londoners – especially taxi companies – giving up their old cars 6 times faster than the rest of the UK.

Britain .. a proposal to price roads after switching to electric cars
And research released last week showed that once the plans for the “Olive” app were announced, the number of diesel cars on the city’s roads decreased by about 128,000 compared to 2017.

The head of the Campaign for Clean Cities Britain who conducted the previous research, Oliver Lord, said London was close to eliminating diesel cars while expanding its “ultra-low emissions area”.

He urged the mayor to support the move as the only recourse to switching to electric cars.

Air Pollution

Clean air campaigners welcomed the decision, and the founder of the campaign group Moms for Lings, Jemima Hartshorne, said the area would protect millions of Londoners from polluted air, and urged everyone to pressure the mayor to get rid of diesel cars from London’s streets as a step to protect children’s health.

Although climate stakeholders welcome the expansion of the “Ultra Low Emissions Zone”, the mayor is still pushing ahead with plans for a new four-lane road tunnel under the River Thames, according to Clean Technica.

Critics of the £2 billion Silvertown project have argued that it will increase carbon emissions and air pollution, thus refuting any attempts to achieve climate targets.

They also shed light on the huge spaces occupied by the car parks, and they see that there is no difference between crowding a city with electric cars and crowding it with cars and diesel trucks, as these spaces can be better used for walking and bike paths or converted into parks and green spaces.

Activists pointed out that Olive’s policies can also reduce overcrowding if there is a political will that encourages citizens to overcome their addiction to personal transportation.

Britain… Electric cars are a glimmer of hope to confront the fuel crisis
Air pollution reduces the lives of billions of people by up to 6 years, which makes it more dangerous than smoking and immunodeficiency.

A range of scientific reports revealed that it is responsible for 8.8 million deaths annually.

Last year, a study found that the impact of air pollution on health in London is greater than any other city in Europe, with children and the elderly often affected the most.



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