Contract Specifications for Spot Metals

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Precious Metals (Spot) Contract Specifications

Precious metals Minimum price fluctuation Margin for retail clients* Margin for professional clients* Contract size Minimum spread Trading session
XAUUSD 0.001 100*XAUUSD price*5% 100*XAUUSD price*2% 100 troy oz 0.300 01:00:00-23:59:59, Mon-Fri
XAGUSD 0.001 5000*XAGUSD price*10% 5000*XAGUSD price*2% 5000 troy oz 0.030 01:00:00-23:59:59, Mon-Fri

* The margins required are to open 1.00 lot and listed in USD. The amount is fixed, irrespective of account leverage.

XGLOBAL Markets wishes to inform its clients and prospective clients that the precious metals terms, which are mentioned on the Company’s website refer to CFDs on Spot Precious Metals.

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