Contract Specifications for Spot Metals

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Spot Precious Metals Contract Specifications

Precious metals Minimum price fluctuation Margin for retail clients* Margin for professional clients* Swap Long Swap Short Contract size Minimum spread Trading session
XAUUSD 0.001 100*XAUUSD price*5% 100*XAUUSD price*2% -11.26 5.73 100 troy oz 0.200 01:00:00-23:59:59, Mon-Fri
XAGUSD 0.001 5000*XAGUSD price*10% 5000*XAGUSD price*2% -6.74 3.43 5000 troy oz 0.020 01:00:00-23:59:59, Mon-Fri
* The margins required are to open 1.00 lot and listed in USD. The amount is fixed, irrespective of account leverage.


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