European Forex news roundup: The dollar falls amid mixed market conditions.

  • 04 October, 2021
  • 3:50 pm EEST

European Forex news roundup: The dollar falls amid mixed market conditions.

Forex market news during the European trade session on October 4, 2021

In Europe, shares were mixed, with equities tilting to the downside amid fresh concern over Evergrande and other important issues from the previous week.

US futures were marked lower at the start of the session and remained that way throughout, with European indices also reporting minor losses but remaining relatively unchanged for the most part as we look ahead to North American trade.

Meanwhile, Treasury yields have risen for the first time in four days, but this does not give any support for the dollar on the day.

The dollar, on the other hand, is falling against all major currencies except the yen. The USD/JPY has risen marginally from 111.00 to 111.20 as yields have risen during the session.

EUR/USD has risen from 1.1590 to 1.1630 as the dollar loses strength, while GBP/USD has risen from 1.3540 to 1.3600 as buyers reclaim near-term control of cable.

Despite the less bullish risk sentiment, commodity currencies are doing well against the dollar, with USD/CAD remaining lower throughout at 1.2610-20 and AUD/USD rising from 0.7260 to 0.7280 around session highs.

In other news, oil is holding steady near $76 ahead of the OPEC+ meeting later today.

It is still early in the week to expect a significant trend to sweep the market, and the mixed trading so far today will do little to convince differently for the time being.


Markets News :

  • CHF leads, JPY lags on the day
  • European equities slightly lower; S&P 500 futures down 0.4%
  • US 10-year yields up 2.8 bps to 1.495%
  • Gold down 0.6% to $1,750.09
  • WTI up 0.2% to $76.01
  • Bitcoin down 1.3% to $47,523

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