Cyclone Shaheen halts oil exports from the UAE port of Fujairah

  • 04 October, 2021
  • 4:19 pm EEST

At a time when the UAE confirmed the decline in the strength of Cyclone Shaheen and its transformation into an air depression accompanied by medium and light rains on a number of regions of the country, oil shipments in the port of Fujairah stopped.

The UAE National Center of Meteorology said that the sea is witnessing great turbulence, with a wave height of between 8 and 9 feet in the depth of the Sea of ​​Oman, reaching 5 feet on the eastern coast of the Emirates, and turbulent in the Arabian Gulf Sea, and a wave height of 5 to 7 feet.


Fujairah port

Sources indicated that the loading and delivery of goods in the UAE port of Fujairah (the main storage and refueling center in the Middle East) has been suspended due to Hurricane Shaheen.

The port was not completely closed; Where the storm largely bypassed Fujairah; This led to a landfall in Oman and a move inland through Oman towards the borders of Saudi Arabia, Argos Media platform reported.

“The boats are on standby, but the port has not been closed,” said a merchant in the port.


Resume shipments

Market participants hope to resume operations later today or tomorrow at the latest; Pictures from Fujairah, received from merchants, showed the sea was relatively calm around the port, but no ships or boats moving.

The port had reported that winds would reach 60 km/h yesterday evening, October 3, with gusts of more than 74 km/h, causing waves of more than 4 meters in height.

According to the notification issued by the port, cargo operations were halted at the Fujairah oil terminal as soon as the wind speed reached 46 km/h, and at the main berth once the speed reached 65 km/h.

Ship movements inside Sohar port have also been suspended until further notice in Oman since 2 October.


Sultanate of Oman

According to the US Naval Hurricane Warning Center, the epicenter of Cyclone Shaheen was near along the northern coast of Oman, and also from Sohar, the site of a 198,000 barrel-per-day refinery.

Crude oil export shipments at Oman’s Mina Al Fahal were also temporarily suspended yesterday as a “precautionary measure”, according to sources in the Energy Ministry, although operations are scheduled to resume later today.

The Sultanate of Oman has rescheduled some international and domestic flights to and from Muscat International Airport, due to bad weather conditions.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals in the Sultanate of Oman, Muhammad Al-Ramahi, confirmed that the production of oil and liquefied natural gas was not disrupted by Hurricane Shaheen, noting that the impact of the cyclone extends “temporarily” to the operations of loading goods and distributing electricity.

He added that the Sultanate resorted to canceling some loads, for a few hours, due to its exposure to strong winds caused by Hurricane Shaheen, according to the S&P Global Platts platform.


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